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  • Lime ovens: In Fontanars dels Alforins district, it exists more than 30 lime ovens dispersed around the district. A great part of them are mainly ruined and others have been invaded by weeds.
  • The parish church of the Rosario Virgin: The current edification dates from 1867-1869, and being the modernist bell tower form 1916.


Public holiday:

  • Town festival: It’s celebrated on 7th and 8th September, to the Rosario Virgin, with procession of Muslim and Christians.
  • Saint Antonio Abad’s holiday: It’s celebrated on January with a bonfire and an auction whose benefits are destined to defray church’s expenses.
  • Girl’s festival: It’s celebrated on June and it’s dedicated to the Virgin. They make processions and popular dances.


The Fontanars cuisine is characterized by the use of basic ingredients from the Mediterranean diet, above all the ones produced at the same city: wheat flour, olive oil, nuts and dried fruit (almond, nut, etc.), honey and fruits.

As traditional dishes, we have rice with penques, big peppers and turnip, hare and partridge gazpacho and big peppers stew. We have to mention melon, grapes, a great variety of apples and plums as fruits.

Finally, as confectionery, we emphasize orelletes, bescuit, sweet potato pie and liquor roll.

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