Reixiu       new vintage 2.014 on sale

The freshness.

Chardonnay. Sauvignon Blanc
La Rambla

Partial fermentation in new French and American oak casks. Short aging with its lees.

The freshness… a white wine greasy and fresh at the same time, with a combination of varietal scents over a bouquet coming from the aging process.

Clean and bright, straw-coloured tones with green and yellow highlights.

The typical aromas of the variety, very fresh with hints of pineapple, banana and green apple, made more complex by the tones from the time spent in wood, with reminiscences of caramel and butter.

It covers the palate with sweetness, while simultaneously maintaining the freshness that makes it highly desirable. With an aftertaste that combines the new Hungarian barrel with fruits, leaving a very pleasant sensation.

A limited production wine made with loving care.

Awards and Punctuations:
Guía Peñín 90 points



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