Wines with something to tell you

Each wine is unique, each bottle guards a secret, each label reflects a melody, a harmony in the bouquet and on the palate. Wines with feeling, wines that speak of a people, of a land, wines filled with poetry.


Ben Viu (Fineness and silkiness)
Ben Viu (Fineness and silkiness) The most exclusive, a selection of the ebst 2006 barrels.
Reixiu (The freshness)
Reixiu (The freshness) Chardonnay
Sauvignon Blanc
A white wine greasy and fresh at the same time.
Mallaura (The personality)
Mallaura (The personality) Cabernet
A wine which expresses the estate’s own personality.
Graciano (The Originality)
Graciano (The Originality) Graciano 100%
A clean, bright, cherry-coloured wine with touches of ruby and a layer of high, almost opaque colour.
El Vern (La expontaneidad)
 El Vern (La expontaneidad) Cabernet
Un vino desenfadado y alegre con buen equilibrio entre frescura, madurez y crianza.
Punt Dolç (The smoothness)
Punt Dolç (The smoothness) Garnacha
Sweet natural wine for the finnest confectionery lovers.

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